Maternity Photography on the Beach | Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

The Beauty of Maternity Photography

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I absolutely loooooovvvvvve photographing pregnant women. There is something peaceful and soothing about taking pictures of a mother carrying her child. Since I was a little girl, I have always been captivated by the magical bulging belly and the beautiful glow of pregnant mommas-to-be, both in humans and other living creatures. It never ceases to fascinate me how amazing the female body is and the incredible gift of pregnancy and giving birth. Pregnant women are one of my favorite subjects to photograph because I highly respect them and see so much beauty in each and every one of them, and I feel passionate about trying to show that through the photographs that I take.

I particularly love taking maternity photos in nature, where new life is constantly budding all around. I feel that nature and pregnancy are eternally connected. What could be more natural than giving birth, and what is more simple and beautiful than the unconditional love that a mother has towards her unborn child who she selflessly nurtures inside of her own body. For me, photographing a pregnant woman surrounded by mountains, the ocean, tall swaying grass or wise old trees enhances the purest beauty of a pregnant woman. And it is even more spectacular when the sunlight is soft and glowing; gently touching a woman’s skin and wrapping around her motherly curves.

The pictures above are pregnancy photographs of a wonderful, free spirited mother named Mary. I had so much fun taking maternity photos of her! She has a beautiful soul, a big heart, and a pure love for life that, as you can see, really shines through. I admire how uninhibited and how comfortable she is in her own skin. Mary is a surfer and an ocean lover, so it was of no surprise that she wanted to take her maternity pictures on the beach. We took a short hike down to the south end of Sunset Cliffs, where it was quiet and less crowded then the other beaches. And Mary was so adventurous that she even waded in to the cold water and laid on the seaweed covered boulders in the tide pools! One of my favorite moments of the afternoon, was when a group of tough looking young guys walked by and told Mary that she looked beautiful. It melted my heart seeing the big smiles spread across their faces upon seeing her.

As a photographer, and as a human being, I feel so grateful to be given the opportunity to take pictures of Mary and people like her. It is the people that I photograph that enable me to do what I love so much. Every mother to be, every family, and every bride & groom who opens their hearts and puts their trust in me, allows me the opportunity to grow and to learn, both as a person and as a photographer. Without them, my photographs would feel empty; it is their spirit and their willingness to share their special moments in life with me that fill my photographs with emotion. This, to me, is the greatest gift.

So, thank you, Mary, for inviting me to be your Maternity Photographer! And thank you to all of the wonderful people that have given me the opportunity to photograph them and their families. It means the world to me!